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Graduate of Rose Bruford & Clemson University, South Carolina

Represented by Louise at BAM Associates

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Hannah More Best Actress Award Black Lau
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Showreel 2020
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Day and Night short film
SEA STACKS - Glassy-Eyed


The short film "Is that all there is?" won the best drama at Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2020, where Lily played the role of Sharon.



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Hannah More is Screening at the Orpheus Cinema on Thursday 9th June 2022 7.30pm.

Short Film 'Anti-body'.

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Anti-body by Jason Collins won Best Screenplay at Scriptwriters & co Film Festival.

Rob Ayling directed this clip.

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Photos by Peter Hall

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Lily played lead Angie in Who Cares is an interactive play written by Family Court Judge Stephen Wildblood find more from Louise Tickle’s write up in the Guardian.


The fact that this scene is from a play, written by family judge Stephen Wildblood QC – who takes the role of the judge – does not diminish the gravity of what we have just watched Tickle, Louise, The Guardian, 18th December 2019. 

Lily researched the parts with incredible commitment and really understood the issues that were shown on stage. Her Brilliant performance meant a great deal to many people who have gone through the experiences shown in the play.

Guardian Photo of 'Who Cares' from Louis


"it was an immense privilege for me to see how she picked up the parts, developed them and made them her own. It was wonderful to work with Lily in rehearsals and see, not only her amazing skills as an actor but also her contribution to the team." - Playwright & Director Stephen Wildblood. 

Since this play, Lily has performed in another of Wildblood’s plays: Daisy through the looking glass which was performed live over Zoom and recorded for youtube you can watch Here. 

"Daisy Through the Looking Glass is an important, taboo-busting short play
by HHJ Stephen Wildblood QC, a family court judge.

The play takes the viewer on a journey of how family breakdown can become inter-generational and how parents and the family justice system become complicit in frightful outcomes for children."

"I am so pleased that Lily and I  are now working on other schemes to try and bring an about better understanding of how people live their lives." Stephen Wildblood, Playwright & Director 


Audience Feedback: I really enjoyed watching Daisy.  Superb acting by all.  And so well organised with the zoom.

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