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Comedy: Character, Stand up & Sketch

Lily is part of The Biscuit Barrel Sketch Group. They will be performing at Brighton Fringe & Edinburgh Fringe this year with there show 69 Sketch show.

Biscuit barrel brighton fringe poster.jpg
Biscuit barrel bristol preview.jpg

Lily is a Character Comedian. 
Her most popular character Princess Sparkles has been performed in and around the south west and beyond including, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Improv Theatre, White Bear Comedy, Smoke & Mirrors, Inn Jokes, Ministry of Absurdism... She is also a regular opener at The Pen Theatre (London). 

Princess Sparkles is a professional Princess Entertainer, eager to share with children the joys of life through a Disney filter.
She’s a tad flustered &; running late though, and it seems that more than just her costume may be coming apart at the seams…
A little unstable, very available, and on the verge of spilling the real truth to the kiddiewinks– the truth about grown-up life, relationships, &; being a princess for hire.

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