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Jumbled Thoughts

This blog is a way for me to get my writing out there. This is the place where the chaos of my dyslexia, dyspraxia, mental health clash with everyday life. Plus a few funny anecdotes about being a Recklessly Bohemian, hey what’s a Reckless Bohemian? Read my blog to find out…

Bear with me, I’ve always had trouble getting what is in my head to make sense when it is written on the page. There is a disconnection between my brain and my hand. Sometimes, I find myself thinking of one word and my pen writing a completely different one and having to force my hand to write the word I’m thinking of like my hand is being possess by some dyslexic demon hell-bent on me being misunderstood. I like to record myself, I only makes sense when I talk and I’m very good at it. I’m talking right now into my robot assistant who helps me make sense but she does get confused, once she wrote venomous instead of feminist, even robots have unconscious biases. Uh oh. Still a way to go. She’s not really a robot, it’s just a mic and headset. I’m fortunate to have voice recognition software. I will record my blogs pieces to make it more accessible in the very near future, but right now I’m just doing something… classic dyspraxic distraction.

These blog pieces will be a little insight into my brain. I think we can all agree that the world is shitty and hard at the moment and this year has been a right stinker! So why not bring a bit of joy and laughter and a sense of belonging, we all feel, and sometimes we feel alone and we all make mistakes don’t we (please say we do) I hope by sharing my flaws( funny they may be) I hope they show that we’re not alone and everyone is quietly struggling and just needs to hear that it’s okay, and that “I had a panic in the middle of the street the other day” and don’t worry” I didn’t get out of bed today either” – we need to lift each other up and the one thing that I know lifts me up is stories, in books, from friends, retold by family members, interpreted in dreams or paintings, stories are how we make sense of the world so here a few about me. A self-Proclaimed Reckless Bohemian.

This blog will give you an insight into my neuro-diverse, wonderland-esqe, sticky fingered mind. Enjoy. I hope you don’t get too lost in the cluttered pathways of my mind.

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